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Wise forest management starts here. With over 325,000 acres under our management, we have the expertise to help you make the most of your forest investment. Our specialties include forest inventory, timber valuation, resource analysis, Managed Forest Law (MFL) plans, and more.

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GIS mapping tools and databases created by our staff provide clients with highly detailed property information for informed decision making. Pioneers of applying the technology to natural resources in the Lake States, we have experience in a broad range of GIS applications.

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Using the latest equipment and technology with a foundation built on traditional techniques, the professional staff at Steigerwaldt Land Surveying delivers thorough, precise, and reliable surveys to achieve our clients’ goals.

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Nearly 45 years in the appraisal field has earned our business a stellar reputation for high-quality, well-supported appraisals, ranging from individual trees to vast tracts of forestland. As foresters and arborists, our appraisers possess the knowledge to evaluate the timber component of conservation easements, fire damage appraisals, and other complex assignments.

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With over 20 years of experience in real estate acquisition, our skilled staff handles multi-phase right-of-way projects from start to finish, including high-voltage transmission lines, gas pipelines, highway improvements, and bridge replacements.

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Get the superior service that comes decades of experience in forestry and land management. Steigerwaldt Land Sales has brokered some of the largest land transactions in Wisconsin and can help you evaluate and execute all your land ownership decisions.

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Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. is a leading consulting company with a demonstrated commitment to sustainable natural resource management. We are proud to be the only company in the Lake States to offer a complete range of land services from an integrated team of foresters, appraisers, GIS analysts, surveyors, and real estate specialists.

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A Practical Guide to
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Written by Ed Steigerwaldt and Lee Steigerwaldt.
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Timberland Investment Opportunity

1,000 acres of northern hardwood forestland in NE Iron County, WI. Fully surveyed, extensive road network, small lake and other unique water features. Timber data available. Superior to that of other larger listings. Don't miss this opportunity.

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