From vast tracts of forestland and lakes to individual trees, our team of knowledgeable appraisers is trained in all aspects of natural resource valuation. With decades of appraisal experience, we efficiently manage complex assignments while consistently living up to our trademark: Quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.

We maintain a sizable database of market research that our land sales specialists keep up to date with the most complete information available. Collaborating with our GIS data analysts, we supplement our appraisals with detailed, precise maps. And with our network of connections in diverse real estate markets, we stay on top of the fluctuating conditions of a dynamic industry, giving our clients products that we stand by.

Our clients include energy, utility, and transportation companies; nonprofit organizations; private individuals; forest product industries; and federal, state, county, and tribal governments. We work on projects of all sizes, in the Midwest and beyond.    

Learn more about our expertise and service in:

Real estate appraisal

  • Real estate appraisal
  • Right-of-way appraisal
  • Appraisal consulting
  • Appraisal review
  • Expert witness testimony

Conservation easement appraisal

Tree appraisal

  • Forestland appraisal
  • Individual tree valuation
  • Presentations and trainings
  • Expert witness testimony

Christmas tree appraisal

  • Large and small plantations
  • Individual trees for charitable donations
  • Divorce and mortgage loan appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony

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