Forest Resource Analysis

Your forest is a valuable asset. Our staff of highly trained foresters understands this and the intricacies of revenue streams available to the forest and timber industry marketplace. We do our very best to help you explore your options and make the most of your investment.

Our services include:

Timber valuation

Land and timber values are constantly changing. That’s why clients depend on us to stay on top of fluctuating markets. Our foresters use the latest data to develop reliable stumpage analyses, timber appraisals, forest fire damage appraisals, and more.

Resource studies

Biomass Production Our thorough resource studies allow clients to reliably evaluate the viability of prospective business ventures. We are experienced in analyzing timber volumes, mill competition, biomass availability, timber markets, logging infrastructure, and other issues affecting forest resources.


Tree material left over from a commercial timber harvest is a form of biomass—a valuable energy source. We are experienced in assessing the extent and availability of biomass for our clients and can help determine how this renewable resource fits into your management objectives.

Carbon credits

Our knowledgeable staff provides technical assistance and walks clients through the process of enrolling forestland into a carbon offset program. Plus, extensive inventory experience allows us to efficiently design and implement required offset inventories throughout program involvement.

Expert witness testimony

Our foresters serve as expert witnesses in court cases involving a variety of timber and land valuation issues. We are experienced in working with legal counsel, preparing and analyzing data, and providing written and oral testimony regarding our work and expertise.

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