Forestland Management

Forester Measuring TreeEffective land management programs do not happen by accident; they are the result of a skilled staff of professionals working to do their best for landowners and their forest resources. With more than 325,000 acres of forestland under our management throughout the Lake States, we have a long history of understanding our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations, while upholding our own high standards of environmental stewardship. 

See what our qualified foresters can do for you in the following areas:

Timber sale administration

Successful timber harvest administration requires careful planning and field layout, contract compliance, and close supervision. Our long working relationships with industry contacts, including professional loggers, and close monitoring of markets ensure the best results for our clients.

Timber inventory

We have a reputation for accurate inventory results. Our state-of-the-art technology and approach to forest mapping and timber inventory ensure accurate, high-quality data and allow us to efficiently meet every project’s objective.

Forest tax law programs

Tax law programs reward landowners for sustainable forest management and harvesting practices. As DNR cooperating foresters, our certified plan writers can help you enroll in Wisconsin’s MFL program, Minnesota's Sustainable Forest Incentive program, Michigan's Commercial Forest progam, and similar regional programs in order to make the most of your forest resources. Learn more about MFL plans

Property management

Comprehensive land management goes beyond managing trees. Our foresters act as intermediaries and experts in cases of encroachment issues, timber theft, and more.

Wildlife enhancement

Sustainable forestry and thriving wildlife go hand in hand. Our team of natural resources experts will work with you to develop your wildlife habitat to meet your landownership and recreational goals.

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